Daughter of hippie parents, you will never see me take the amazing luxury of indoor plumbing for granted. My childhood was built of trees and rocks and wildflowers, and yes, my beloved, taboo barbies too. Though nothing could ever match the company of my dear friends – Anne, Hercule, Cosette, Sherlock, Janie Mae, Holden…to name a few. Perhaps you are on a first name basis with some of them as well? I’ll admit, it was, and still often is, difficult to tell where my nose ends and my latest literary indulgence begins.

The name, it’s Japanese. Me, I’m not. If you’re wondering, this is the woman whose name became mine. My favorite poem that her husband wrote about her is here.

My heart belongs to my daughter who brightens up this world and my fly fisherman who is my calm, steady shelter.

My soul, you can find that in France.

My passion, finding the story that isn’t heard. Shining light on the honest beauty that is hidden in the cracks. Championing real truth over pretty façades. Creating thoughtful, meaningful messages and images that go beyond simply playing the marketing game and help you win the hearts of your customers.