This week in addition to an article and a podcast recommendation, I thought I would share with you some of the places where I spend most of my time reading online. In an ongoing battle to not get sucked into sensationalized, click-bait, political headlines, I have been avoiding using platforms like Facebook and Twitter as news/info sources. Instead, I head to the sites listed below:

Medium – According to their about page is “a place where everyone has a story to share and the best ones are delivered right to you.” I certainly agree with that. It is a place where I easily and happily lose myself every morning. Though I have never published on Medium you can see my profile here which will show you who I follow and what I have read.

Digg – I get Digg Editions delivered to inbox every morning and it is one of the first emails that I open and scroll through. I don’t usually read every link that they send but I tend to be interested in at least one and usually more. I enjoy the fact that it is info that is curated but not based on interests that I have pre-selected so it tends to be stories that wouldn’t normally pop up in my feeds. You can see the latest Digg Editions here.

Quora – This is my new favorite place to get a dose of what real people are thinking and feeling (like I used to find in the comments sections on social media). Basic premise: someone asks a question, other people answer it, the answers get upvoted and you see the answer that the most people liked. Quora’s mission is “to connect the people who have knowledge to the people who need it, to bring together people with different perspectives so they can understand each other better, and to empower everyone to share their knowledge for the benefit of the rest of the world.” Pretty kickass mission, if you ask me. Though I do tend to avoid the comments section here too cause it can get just as petty and nasty as Facebook.

Seth Godin is another welcome daily guest in my email inbox. His posts are usually short and I can easily read them while waiting for my coffee to brew.  This post about entitlement moved me enough that I texted it to my daughter that very morning while she was still in the bathroom getting ready for school. Entitlement is certainly an easy trap to fall in if we let ourselves and this was a great reminder for me.

Seth is also a big advocate of the search engine Duck Duck Go. I finally took his advice and made it my default search engine this week. I’m thinking it might be a topic that requires an entire post in order to dive into how it works and why you would want to switch over.

Nerd Alert Bonus: Amicus Podcast

There was a time when I was young and idealistic, before the time when I wanted to be a photographer, and the time when I wanted to be a French teacher, and that very brief time when I wanted to be a hairdresser (so many career choices, so little time) when I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt, that I was meant to be a lawyer. I was going to fight for people who could not fight for themselves. I was going to be one of those good lawyers that the world needs, blah, blah, you get the picture. Obviously, that never happened. But my nerdy passion for law and justice and the details of the legal system has not died. The twelve-year-old who spent hours in her room reading about Brown v. Board of Education is still there inside me somewhere.

Yes, it’s safe to say that if I were a teenage girl in this day and age my fandom accounts would include the Warren Court and The Notorious RBG.


And my favorite podcast would be (just like it actually is) Slate’s Amicus Podcast. With insight into current Supreme Court cases, fascinating interviews and smart commentary I pretty much just want to be Dahlia Lithwick, but I’m happy to settle for getting to listen to her every two weeks. If you have an interest in knowing what is going on in the third branch of our government, give it a listen.

That’s it for this week. I plan on spending my weekend reading about “How Proust Can Change Your Life”. Not to worry, I’ll let you know what I find out in next week’s edition!